The playwrite Noel Coward's great escape

Jamaica surprises most visitors with its diversity of adventures and the abundance of fun experiences from which to choose. It’s a quick trip from Galina Breeze into our Parish seat known as Port Maria. You can get lost in the rich history of a little town known for its history of pirates. Walk along Pagee Beach where the local fisherman sell their catch of the day or explore the old British cannons, still seated above the town at Ft. Haldane, which the British used to fight off the Spanish.

Above us is Firefly – The playwrite Noel Coward’s great escape. It used to be owned by Captain Henry Morgan, the great pirate who the British could never overtake. Finally the British made him the first Governor of our area, originating the term, “if you can’t beat them, join them!”

Black Sand Beach and Emerald Falls

If your heart is set on exploring and local treasure hunting, our front desk staff will be happy to book a fun day-trip to the Black Sand Beach and Emerald Falls. This is a special spot only locals and special friends get to enjoy. Our kitchen will prepare a picnic lunch and goodies to take along. Be sure and bring your camera and your swim suit. The views are spectacular and the water from the falls is delightfully refreshing.

Tucked up in the hills above Ocho Rios is a quiet little place we call the “Blue Hole.”  For those guests who are tired of Dunns Falls, we have a great day of fun, climbing and exploring with the locals just minutes from downtown Ochi. The Blue Hole is made of natural falls that flow down from the top of a mountain making many falls for a mile. Each fall has crystal clear water and “holes” for enjoying swimming and refreshing, clean water.

The locals love to take you on a hike up the falls, down the falls, and anywhere you go, you see nothing but beauty. Come enjoy a day at blue hole. We’ll make you a picnic lunch to take or you can stop along the way to enjoy the local flavor of jerk. This location would be great for couples, singles, or families with children over 12 years of age.

Ever wonder what school is like for a Jamaican child? Galina Breeze sponsors two local primary schools, known as elementary schools in the U.S., grades first through sixth. Take a morning to visit and see how Jamaicans learn. Galina Breeze has worked closely with the teachers of each grade helping develop a “teach me” bag that you can pick up at the front desk before leaving for the school. This will give you all the instructions you need to help tutor a student who may have challenges in learning.

Winston Churchill said it well: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”



Galina Breeze has many other nearby sites you can explore during your stay. Ocho Rios, the country’s largest tourism center is just 30 minutes away where you can golf, shop, dine and climb the famous Dunn’s River Falls. We offer shuttle service daily. Your options are many! Below are a few visitor packages:

  • Cove Adventure: A full day of hiking past old sugar mills, through a beautiful, mountainous area of tropics, see Emerald Falls- a freshwater swimming experience, enjoy lunch on the beach or at the falls! $95/pp
  • Historical Tour of Port Maria: Tour the County Seat of St. Mary, see the cannons used to defend the Port, visit the historic Anglican Church of England, the original court house, and beautiful scenery! Half day guided tour, $50/pp includes lunch!
  • Turtle Hatching: 15 minutes from Galina Breeze, $20/pp
  • The Blue Hole: a gorgeous swimming area, $20/pp
  • Tutor Children: Looking for something different to do? Something a little more fulfilling? Why not enjoy something that will directly impact the lives of the local children? We have tutoring opportunities available! half day opportunity, $35/pp

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